Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday Night At The Drags

We took a ride in this Monster truck on the new dirt track.

This is a BBQ grill,the smoke even comes out the headers!

Nine of us drove up to New England Dragway Saturday to see their show. They had Nostalgic Top Fuel dragsters,Nostalgic Funny cars,Jet dragsters and Monster trucks.

NBW Scramble Metric

RT 140 in Norton.

Bikepath in Mansfield.

I stopped to fix one of the bikes this couple was riding.

Rest stop.

Great campground.

RT 1 south.

Rt 1 & RT 152 intersection,scary.

This turned out to be a harder ride in mid 90 degree temps.There wasn't even 1,000 feet of climbing, but it felt like there was.