Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I won't be near my computer tomorrow so I hope all of my followers and readers of my blog a Happy Thanksgiving. Try not to eat and drink too much, I will :).

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Majid Ali said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
It would be easy to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. But that would seem superficial given all the suffering in this world. Hunger, poverty, homelessness, unrest in the Middle East, and the destruction of Hurricane Sandy…we could go on and on.

But we believe that no matter our circumstances each and every one of us has something to be thankful for…something to hang on to no matter how difficult things might seem.

It might be something as small as the grip of an infant upon our finger or a warm smile from a total stranger. Or it might be something as momentous as news that cancer is in remission. There is always something that keeps us going…something to be thankful for.

So let us give thanks for that “something”… that wonderful “something” that brightens our lives and helps us through the day. God Bless you

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God Bless you