Thursday, October 11, 2012


       This is a very hard post for me to write. I've always been fond of Lance, through out the years, from his fight with cancer, to his victories in the Tour De France. I own all seven of his Tour De France victories on DVD and watched them quite often. I marveled at his tenacity and strength on the bike and how he seemed to drop riders at will. In my eyes, he could do no wrong.
       Sure, I had heard, how some people thought he was arrogant and had to be doping in order to have such success in cycling, but I always just blew that off as people being petty and jealous of all his success.
       Now with the release of USADA's, one thousand page report on him and US Postal's doping program, I find myself quite disappointed. I remember back when the Festina scandal happened and had hoped that cycling had taken a new step to a cleaner sport with less doping. US Postal did just the opposite and ramped it up to an even higher level!
       It doesn't matter to me if Lance finally admits his guilt to this or not, the evidence is all in the report.He has to live with it, if he can, all the power to him.
      My only hope, is that this doesn't destroy all his work he has done with his foundation, Livestrong. I will continue to wear his yellow bracelet, like I have from the very beginning and support Livestrong.
      As for me, I'll move on, I'll still ride my bicycle, I'll still wear my bracelet and I'll still have a place in my heart for Lance, just not as big.


Cdale56 said...

It is a very tough situation because he is (or was) a hero to so many in so many different ways. How do you deal with a disgraced hero?

He now joins Landis and Hamilton, once admired, but I see them as not only cheaters but liars too.

There is no doubt that he was unfairly pursued and prosecuted, like none of the other members TdF peloton dopes as well? But that doesn't change the evidence against LA.

We live in a world of liars and cheaters, look at our role models, politicians, sports,education, police and others. It is sad that they do these things in positions where they should at least be role models, but sadder that they are accepted by society.

Paul said...

Very well said John.

Jez Andrews said...

Well put Paul. I've known quite a lot of this stuff in the report but it interesting to see it colaberated into one report and confirmed by newer witnesses. If anything good is to come from this is that staff from the team are thrown out from the sport as they currently continue to taint and advise to new and older riders. Only when the rot is out can our sport move on.

Trevor said...

You have echoed my own thoughts on this Paul....

As a cyclist I am saddened that it has come to this but not surprised..

As a cancer survivor, I am grateful for all the good work that Livestrong has done and fear for the damage that will be done to that Organisation...

Paul said...

Thanks Jez and trevor. We can only hope cycling gets well because of this.