Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Want It Wednesday,Bar Fly,K-Edge,Race Ware Direct.

Bar Fly

Race Ware Direct

 I've used my new Garmin 800 a few times now and already I can tell you that the way they attach the mount to you're bike with O rings, SUCKS! It's not secure at all and moves around while pushing buttons or tapping the screen. So I'm looking at after market mounts and I have found 3 so far. Some how I think quite a few other people have come to this conclusion also. The 3 mounts I've looked at so far are, Bar Fly, K-Edge and Race Ware Direct. If anyone else knows of one, please let me know. Don't forget to check out Jez Andrews blog here.


Jez Andrews said...

You'd think farming having already charged you lots of money would at least make a good bracket. Rubber band devises is something you get with cheap cycle computers.

Not good enough Garmin!

Least you have after market options Paul.

Jez Andrews said...

Can you tell I wrote this post from my phone?!! Hadn't realised it changed Garmin to farming which makes no sense at all! Sorry!

Paul said...

I thought you may have been in a rush.