Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Night Ride

Looking East on Homestead ave,Allens lane is on the left.

Looking South on Allens lane.

Looking East on Homestead ave,Allens lane is on the right.
 Yesterday a 55 year old male bicyclist died here in Rehoboth at an intersection right down the street. I saw the ambulance heading to the hospital as it sped by Barbara's house. There are no clues yet as to how he passed away, other than he was found in the middle of the road,unconscious and bleeding real bad. I went for a ride tonight and took 3 pictures of the intersection from each direction. I ride through this intersection at least 4 times a week.
      UPDATE, turns out this bicyclist was riding a Cervelo that had a recall on the front fork. Unfortunately it broke and he went over the handlebars.I believe I saw this recall on Cycling News.
Tuesday Night Ride by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details


Cervelo Girl said...

That is just awful. That poor man, and his family... :(

Paul said...

Cervelo Girl, please take a look at you're bike. It turns out he was riding a Cervelo that had a safety recall on the front fork. It broke, he went over the handlebars and now is no longer with us.Take care.

Cervelo Girl said...

Wow... I went to their website and there are only 2 recalls listed, one that involves a fork. Both of my bikes actually have Cervelo forks. My commuter is built from salvaged parts from my wrecked RS, so I really appreciate you following up with me! I want to make sure that I am safe!

Here is what Cervelo had to say:

"Wolf SL Fork
Cervélo has identified a potential safety issue involving the Wolf SL fork. This fork is designed and manufactured by True Temper Sports of Memphis, Tennessee, using a blade shape supplied by Cervelo. All other aspects of the structural design, development and manufacture were done by True Temper Sports. read more
Under certain conditions, the fork steerer can crack and eventually break during normal use, which may cause the rider to lose control, fall and suffer potentially serious injuries. To date, there have been reports of injuries in the field resulting in minor abrasions and one broken wrist.
Though the fork passes US and international standards, this particular problem was not uncovered during those standard tests and the fork only showed this weakness in the field, typically after being damaged. After much work, we did develop a new test protocol that was able to replicate the same failure mode as seen in the field. If the fork steerer is damaged by impact (eg. by a crash, a fall from a roof rack, or another impact) then the damage may progress very quickly during use to complete separation.
We have seen that incidence of failure on this fork is higher than on other forks, and there is a potential for injury upon failure. True Temper Sports feels that the fork meets the industry standards and that the fork is therefore acceptable and no further action is required. Cervelo does not share this opinion and therefore, is proceeding with a recall of the True Temper designed and manufactured Wolf SL forks ourselves. True Temper Sports has declined to participate.
In order to conduct a recall one must be able to demonstrate that any replacement product does not display the same failure mode. We have demonstrated to the authorities that the forks we will use as a replacement - the 3T Funda Pro and the Easton EC90 SLX - pass all standard industry tests as well as the new Cervelo test that the True Temper Wolf SL fork fails.
We have obviously discontinued all use of the True Temper Wolf SL carbon bicycle fork. However, please note that this does not affect the Wolf CL and Wolf TT in any way, as both have a completely different structural design (and have passed the new Cervelo test protocol).
Although it is not usual for a third party to recall a product manufactured by another company, we feel it is a necessary step to take care of our customer, and we will proceed with the full recall at no cost to the retailer or consumer."

Paul said...

You're quite welcome. We need to watch out for our fellow bicycle riders, no one else will.

Cervelo Girl said...

True that.