Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DC Trip,Day Three.

We were left alone to do what we pleased Sunday, so the bus dropped us off at the National Mall and exploring we went. We started at the museum of American History, it was ok,but I wouldn't go back to check it out again. The Holocaust museum was next, another disappointment. Not because of the exhibit, it was great. It was way too crowded and we couldn't move around for the first half of it, missed a lot. The second half was better as the crowd thinned out and we could take our time scanning the exhibits. My recommendation to anyone going to that museum, go at the end of the day, hopefully it will be less crowded. Next we were off to the Smithsonian Air & Space museum, this is what I was waiting for. It was pretty good, we were on a mission to see as much as possible, so we didn't take in any of the films showing. You could easily spend a half day there. Our last stop of the day was the National Archives museum. Another great place to visit.
There were protesters scattered around the city. This was in front of the American History museum.

Tiffany giving her State of the Union address.

Waiting to get into the Holocaust museum.

We caught great views while walking to the different museums.
Sunday night we went back to Alexandria again for dinner and then a night time tour of DC guided by our great guide Tom. One of the places Tom volunteers is the Kennedy Center. He took us on a tour inside and then we took an elevator up to a roof top deck that goes around the perimeter of the building. We had a spectacular night time view of the city. Then we went to the White house and finished at the Lincoln Monument.

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