Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Want It Wednesday,Shimano XT FC-M771K.

Shimano FC-M771-K
It's time to change out my Ultegra crankset to an XT treking crankset. This will help my climbing with some lower gears. My Ultegra has 50,39,30 chainrings, compared to 48,36,26 chainrings on the XT. Now all I have to do is scrounge together enough cash to order it. Check out Jez Andrews blog for his Want It Wednesday.


Jez Andrews said...

XT chainsets are worth every penny. Still the best and most reliable I've ever used. Also a good weight.
Thanks for taking part!


Paul said...

Jez,with all the off road you do,I know you know what your talking about.

Jez Andrews said...

Ha, you flatter me!! Thanks :) Think working in bike shops and as a mechanic for eight years has probably given me more insight into parts than just riding them. I read product reviews to death and listen to others opinions before I buy anything. Nothing worse than being let down by poor equipment!!!