Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shimano CS-HG-61 Cassette

This gets me all warm and excited inside. I know what your thinking, how can a part for a bicycle put me in such a state? Well,as I get older and since I've gone through my back injury,I've been looking for anything that can make my bicycling easier.This new cassette is a good start,it has a whopping 36 tooth cog!This will make my life easier climbing those hills, you know,the ones that seem to get harder every year.It will replace my cassette that has a 34 tooth cog.Yeah baby,I wanted it and I bought it! Click on the link above and check out other cool bike stuff.


Jez Andrews said...

Hey Paul, you can take it from this that the link worked, thanks for joining!! Hopefully get some more joining in soon.

I didn't even know you could get 36t cassettes in nine speed, thought it was only for the new 10 speed. Could do with that for some of the climbing around here!


Paul said...

Jez, Shimano came out with it for the 29er's.Just don't put it on a bike with 26 inch wheels. Shimano says you'll tear the hub up, they have a special hub if you want to use the 26 wheels.

Jez Andrews said...

Mmm, interesting. Looks like I'll have to stick with my 32t one!! I'll post up my want it Wednesday tonight and mention your post too.