Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Results Are In

                                  These two pictures are showing herniated disc's, I have a milder bulging disc.
                                  The leg pain I have is L5,from the bulge pushing on the Sciatic nerve.
I finally got the results from my MRI. I have a level one disc bulge at L5 pushing against the Sciatic nerve for my left leg. The nerve is severely inflamed right now. I'll be talking to my Physical Therapist today about a new game plan. My doctor thinks PT,weight loss and possible Cortisone shots may take care of it.


Anonymous said...

I had surgery 2 yrs ago on my L5/S1. All of the doctors who looked at me said I was either one of the worst cases, or THE worst the had ever seen. I had a discectomy which took 6 hrs. I happily made a 100% comeback and won my first race after recovery.

Sounds like you are in bad shape but not surgery-bad. I have been in your spot several times before. My advice is to learn how to do Lazy Push-ups and do slow sets of 10. 10 times per day. They will give you a TON of relief. Take care.

trev said...

i didn t ask for that to be anonymous.

Paul said...

Trev,thanks for the info. What is a lazy pushup?

trev said...

a lazy push up is sort of like half a push up. You start on the floor laying on your stomach and push yourself up but as the same time keep your legs and groin pressed to the ground. so you are basically just pressing your upper body up. you should feel it in the small of your back. The key is to do it very slowly so your disc can work its way back in. It works very well and you can over do it. The more the better. when you get to the top of the 'push up' hold it for about 5 seconds and then lower yourself back to the floor, and repeat.

its actually not that simialr to a push up but it works very well. The first few may be uncomfortable, but they will get easier and feel better after 5 or 6. Then you should feel some relief.

I imagine you can search 'lazy push up' and get a visual on how to do it. good luck.

Paul said...

Thanks Trev. It kind of sounds like a stretch my PT had me doing that he called a sphynx.But it was really bothering my lower back so he had me stop doing it. Your's sounds a lot less stressful on the back. I'll check with him and see what he says. Thanks again.