Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Day Ride

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John any I got our New Years Day Ride in this morning and it was pretty cold out. When we started the temp said 28, but it felt colder with the head wind we had on the first leg. On the way back, our hands never warmed up until the very end. Luckily it was all down hill, so it went by fast.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Train Station To Beach Ride

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John and I got a nice ride in yesterday, even though we got a little wet at one point. These photo's are at the mid point of our ride where we took a break. With Porta John's and a great view, how can you beat that?

Those clouds rolled in real fast and a mile into the last half our our ride, the heavy mist started. We decided to  cut off a few miles and we were able to dry out because the mist was hugging the coast line for the most part. We did start to feel some falling again at about mile 24, but it stopped after a while.